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How Does StoneTower Financial Solutions Add Value?

StoneTower Financial Solutions is a boutique, financial planning firm. Our planners are registered for the sale of Exempt Market products through Wealthterra Capital Management Inc. and are committed to being a trusted partner to our clients; working with them to achieve real, financial solutions.

We work with our clients to understand their financial and lifestyle goals and objectives, and take a holistic approach in creating a strategic plan to grow wealth, and maximise tax efficiencies. Our team is proactive in building a culture with an emphasis on relationship and exceptional service.

Team Focused

We know that no one can be a specialist in everything, and so we work with WealthTerra Capital Management, as our Exempt Market Dealer, to ensure our clients receive the best advice and support.

Strategy Focused

At StoneTower we believe that our clients deserve more than to just be "sold" a product. We invest the time to create a personalized strategy, and partner with the client to implement the plan and achieve the real solutions they are looking for.


Both the work that we do at StoneTower, and the Exempt Market investments we work with, are fully transparent to our clients. If you have questions, we can answer them; if you need information, we will get it for you. There is nothing hidden, and no information our clients cannot access.

Due Diligent

At the heart of any investment opportunity is the question of risk. We take the responsibility of due diligence very seriously. Our Exempt Market Dealer, Wealthterra Capital Management Inc.  is required to perform rigorous due diligence on any investment they carry on their shelf, and alongside our own due diligence, we are always happy to provide our clients with details of the due diligence process and the outcome for each investment.

Committed to Communication

At StoneTower we focus on listening and responding to our client's needs, goals and objectives. We also believe that our clients deserve to hear from us regularly, and to have the information available to them to learn and ask questions about the financial world around them.
Our monthly newsletter is designed to keep our clients updated on new opportunities, events and changes in the financial world that affect them.
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