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Miriam Andrews

President and CEO & Exempt Market Dealing Representative

With over fourteen years of business & financial industry experience in both Canada and the UK, Miriam brings a diverse, and unusually broad, perspective and expertise to StoneTower FInancial Solutions.

Born and raised in England, Miriam spent the first five years of her career specializing in sales analysis, team leadership, project management and business retention within an international insurance company in the UK, before moving to an Account Manager role for an international Global Payment company.

Miriam's expertise in business development and strategic planning led her to the role of Business Development Manager for a UK healthcare provider in 2003. With the responsibility of establishing financial viability, organizational restructure, service development, strategic planning and resource allocation, she took the organization from a Government funded project, to a financially viable and profitable business.

In 2005 Miriam emigrated to Canada. Starting in real estate, Miriam quickly transitioned into the exempt market industry and insurance business. Having her Life Insurance Licence, Canadian Securities Certificate, Exempt Market Products Certificate and extensive international experience allows Miriam to bring an in depth understanding of people, finances, strategies and investments.

Miriam is a registered Dealing Representative with Wealthterra Capital Management Inc. She currently lives in Kelowna, BC.

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