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Tax Free Saving Account


Mortgage Investment Corporation


Real Estate Investment Trust


Exempt Market Dealer


Dealing Representative

DRIP - Dividend Reinvestment Plan (Compound Return)

Interest earned on an investment and added to the amount of the investment. Future interest payments are then calculated at the original rate but on the increased total of the investment. In simple terms, interest paid on interest.


Offering Memorandum

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Did You Know?

Each individual can contribute up to $5,500 into a Tax Free Savings Account each year.

TFSAs started in 2009 with $5,000 a year and in 2013 the annual allowance increased to $5,500. In 2014 you can therefore contribute $31,000 (if you haven't already used your TFSA allocation).

Most Exempt Market investments are TFSA eligible allowing you to receive superior returns tax free.