Exempt Market Investing....

Why Our Clients Choose Exempt Market Investments:

  • Investor comes first. Many investments are structured to ensure the investment company doesn't make money until the investor makes money.
  • Investors can access a variety of investments that are not publicly traded on stock exchanges; eliminating the emotional volatility of stock markets.
  • Provides investors with alternatives to the volatility of the mutual fund and stock markets and more predictable returns.
  • Diversification in asset classes that mutual funds don't provide.
  • Provides investors with investments that offer income (cash flow), short and long term growth and tax efficient strategies.
  • No MERs or annual sales fees.
  • The Exempt Market is regulated by Provincial Securities Commissions.
  • Exempt Market Dealers are responsible for investment due diligence and governance of individuals that sell investments.
  • All investments undergo a rigorous due diligence process before they are made available to investors.
  • Investors have the opportunity to select investments that will return their capital; not just the return on their capital.


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Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities....

Exempt Market investment opportunities include structures that give the investor:

  • Income/ Cash Flow 
  • Long Term Growth
  • Short Term Growth
  • Tax Efficient Strategies           

Most Exempt Market products are RRSP and TFSA (Tax Free Saving Account) eligible.
Registered funds can be transferred from an existing registered account, or new annual contributions can be made as part of the investor's investment plan.